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Armonia Natural Products

Logo, cover and infographics design for Armonia natural remedies website

Date: Jun. 2019

Case Study: Armonia Natural Remedies Harmony Unveiled

Challenge: Create a holistic brand identity for Armonia’s website, fusing nature and wellness.

Approach: Infused bright green and purple, echoing the vibrancy of a salad, with pastel salad and blue backgrounds. The logo, a lotus pose figure with leaves, symbolizes Buddhist health and nature’s connection.

Result: A harmonious blend of people and nature in logo, cover art, and infographics, creating an inviting and serene digital space.

Impact: Elevated user engagement, strengthened brand ethos, and a visually cohesive online presence. The design resonates with health-conscious consumers.

Conclusion: Successfully cultivated the essence of Armonia’s natural remedies, harmonizing health and nature.