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Astrum Technology

Logo Guide & Branbook creation for Asrtum Technology Company

Date: Jun. 2024

Case Study: Astrum Technology Brand Evolution.

Challenge: Develop a logo and brand book for Astrum Technology, symbolizing growth, ecology, and love of nature, with a color palette of lilac, yellow, and blue.

Approach: Crafted a logo featuring geometric leaves and a star, representing the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and growth. Created a vibrant geometric pattern derived from the logo for brand cohesion.

Result: A dynamic brand identity that reflects Astrum’s values and vision, with the logo and brand patch serving as distinctive symbols of innovation and eco-consciousness.

Impact: Enhanced brand recognition, strengthened brand loyalty, and increased customer engagement. The cohesive brand identity resonates with stakeholders and aligns with Astrum’s ethos.

Conclusion: Successfully transformed Astrum’s brand identity, encapsulating its commitment to growth and nature, while fostering a sense of unity and innovation.