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Cropas Marketing Co

Mascot logo & Corporate identity for an Internet Marketing Agency

Date: Sept. 2019

Case Study: Cropas Marketing Agency Mascot Logo.

Challenge: Develop a memorable mascot logo for Cropas marketing agency, incorporating a lion’s head to symbolize strength and leadership, with a color scheme of black and green.

Approach: Sketched a dynamic lion’s head as the brand mascot, representing Cropas’ powerful marketing strategies. Utilized black and green colors to convey professionalism and growth. Inspired by a stone lion image for authenticity.

Result: A striking mascot logo that embodies Cropas’ bold approach to marketing, fostering trust and admiration among clients and competitors alike.

Impact: Enhanced brand recognition, increased brand loyalty, and strengthened market presence. The mascot logo resonates with clients, reinforcing Cropas’ reputation as a leader in the industry.

Conclusion: Successfully created a powerful visual identity for Cropas marketing agency, leveraging the lion mascot to communicate strength, expertise, and reliability.