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Fantasy Gamer Club

Logo design and branding for Fantasy Gamer club

Date: Feb. 2023

Case Study: Fantasy Gamer – Unleashing the Power of Imagination.

Challenge: Design a logo for Fantasy Gamer, a computer games and cyber sports club, that embodies fantasy elements while maintaining a minimalistic approach. Develop branding for gamer accessories and create a captivating cover featuring cyber robots.

Approach: Crafted a minimalistic logo using a game font and a face with horns, evoking fantasy characters. Dark purple and bard colors, with a pop of bright mint, create a visually striking color scheme. Emphasized attention to detail through branding of gamer accessories and fluff.

Result: A captivating logo that combines fantasy elements with a modern aesthetic, reflecting the club’s passion for gaming. The branding of gamer accessories enhances the club’s attention to detail, while the cover featuring cyber robots adds depth to the club’s visual identity.

Impact: Increased brand recognition, heightened engagement among gamers, and a distinct presence in the cyber sports community. The logo and branding resonate with gamers seeking immersive experiences and attention to detail.

Conclusion: Successfully brought Fantasy Gamer’s vision to life through a minimalistic logo, thoughtful branding, and captivating cover design, capturing the essence of imagination and adventure.