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Florista Showroom

Logo design & Branding for the Florista showroom of interior plants

Date: Sept. 2019

Case Study: Blooming Brilliance for Florista Plant Showroom

Challenge: Craft an identity reflecting elegance for Florista Plant Showroom.

Approach: Infused sophistication into the logo and corporate identity with a palette of dark green and amber. The design evokes nature’s vibrancy and the warmth of the showroom.

Result: A distinctive visual identity that harmonizes with the brand’s essence, setting it apart in the botanical retail landscape.

Impact: Increased footfall, heightened brand recognition, and a cohesive brand image. The design resonates with plant enthusiasts.

Conclusion: A successful blend of nature and elegance, cultivating a unique identity for Florista.

Together, we create a haven where the beauty of nature flourishes, inspiring a deeper appreciation for the captivating allure of plants in our live.