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Roadfox Logistic Co

Branding for the logistics company Roadfox

Date: Dec. 2020

Case Study: RoadFox Logistics Roars to Life

Challenge: Create a dynamic identity for RoadFox Logistics, emphasizing agility and efficiency.

Approach: Fused bright orange and deep purple, symbolizing energy and reliability. The logo, with road-inspired lines and a fox silhouette, captures the essence of seamless logistics.

Result: A vibrant, memorable brand identity that conveys speed, precision, and the company’s cunning approach to transportation solutions.

Impact: Elevated brand visibility, increased client trust, and a distinctive market presence. The design resonates with the logistics industry.

Conclusion: Successfully mapped the journey for RoadFox Logistics, blending innovation and identity.

Together, we create a brand that resonates with clients, instilling confidence in their logistics journey and igniting a sense of excitement for the road ahead.