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Pietra Sculptor Workshop

Sculptor Workshop Corporate identity and logo

Date: Sept. 2022

Case Study: Crafting “Rietra” Sculptor Workshop’s Identity.

Challenge: Develop a corporate identity and logo for Macedonian Sculptor Workshop “Rietra”, using an orange and black palette with stone and clay textures to reflect the essence of sculpting.

Approach: Integrated earthy textures of stone and clay into the logo design, symbolizing the workshop’s artistic process. Utilized orange and black hues to evoke creativity and sophistication, capturing the spirit of sculpting.

Result: A distinctive corporate identity and logo that embodies “Rietra’s” dedication to craftsmanship and creativity, resonating with art enthusiasts and patrons.

Impact: Elevated brand recognition, increased workshop visibility, and enhanced credibility within the artistic community. The cohesive design reinforces “Rietra’s” reputation as a hub for sculpting excellence.

Conclusion: Successfully translated “Rietra’s” artistic vision into a compelling corporate identity, celebrating the beauty of sculpting and fostering connection with art lovers worldwide.