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Art Wine Bottle

Conceptual label design for a line of wine bottles

Date: Jan. 2024

Case Study: Artwine – Elevating Wine Packaging with Artistry.

Challenge: Develop a design and packaging concept for Artwine’s line of wine bottles, each representing a different varietal with unique artwork directly drawn onto the bottles. Enhance the visual appeal and luxury perception of the brand.

Approach: Created a distinct color scheme for each varietal, such as peach for Carignan, purple for Grenache noir and Sauvignon, and orange for Pinot Noir. Collaborated with artists to create art-style drawings that reflect the characteristics of each wine, adding bright accents to highlight the varietal’s unique qualities.

Result: A collection of wine bottles that stand out on shelves with their art-inspired designs, showcasing the individuality of each varietal. The direct drawing method adds a touch of luxury and exclusivity to the packaging, elevating the overall brand image.

Impact: Increased brand visibility and desirability, attracting consumers with a preference for stylish and premium products. The unique packaging method sets Artwine apart from competitors, positioning it as a leader in wine innovation and design.

Conclusion: Successfully transformed Artwine’s packaging into a work of art, combining creativity, craftsmanship, and luxury to create a memorable and captivating wine experience.