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Falco Cosmetic Oils

Logo brand & packaging Falco Cosmetic oils

Date: Jan. 2024

Case Study: Falco Cosmetic Oils – Elegance in Every Drop

Challenge: Elevate Falco’s premium cosmetic oils through a sophisticated typographic logo and packaging design. Create a standout presence on the shelf.

Approach: Merged local aesthetics with bright gradients. Incorporated divot and oil drip textures with pastel holographic colors for a luxe feel. Packaging in matte and transparent glass with branded gradients exudes a trendy allure.

Result: A visually stunning logo and packaging design that embodies elegance, ensuring Falco Cosmetic Oils captivates consumers with its premium quality.

Impact: Heightened shelf visibility, increased product desirability, and a brand identity that resonates with the target audience. The design sets Falco apart in the beauty industry.

Conclusion: Successfully crafted a chic and trendsetting image for Falco Cosmetic Oils, marrying quality with aesthetics.