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Choco Li Box and Bar

Development of box and bar packaging design for Choco Li chocolate factory

Date: Nov. 2023

Case Study: Choco Li – Unwrapping Sweet Tradition

Challenge: Craft packaging design for Choco Li chocolate, a brand rooted in natural, traditional recipes. Emphasize the essence of molosh, dark, and white chocolate through creamy textures and showcase the creative slogan.

Approach: Infused packaging with rich, creamy textures to accentuate the naturalness of the chocolates. The design incorporates earthy tones, highlighting each chocolate variant. The creative slogan becomes a focal point, drawing attention to the brand’s distinct personality.

Result: Packaging that not only reflects the traditional, high-quality nature of Choco Li chocolates but also creates a visual narrative that entices consumers.

Impact: Elevated shelf appeal, increased brand recognition, and a unique identity in the competitive chocolate market. The design resonates with consumers seeking authenticity and a touch of creativity.

Conclusion: Successfully unwrapped Choco Li’s tradition, blending creamy textures, natural tones, and a creative slogan to redefine the chocolate experience. Sales were up 34% according to the client.