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Herbal Tea Hertee

Herbal Tea Line Packaging Design

Date: Feb. 2024

Case Study: HERTEE Herbal Tea Line – A Symphony of Nature’s Hues.

Challenge: Design packaging for HERTEE’s herbal tea line, showcasing a vibrant and versatile pattern that plays with noble colors on both matte and glossy surfaces.

Approach: Crafted a bright, rich pattern harmonizing natural greens with eye-catching hues. The design creates a captivating interplay of shimmering and shining colors, lending elegance to both matte paper and glossy plastic bags.

Result: Packaging that stands out, capturing the essence of HERTEE’s herbal teas through a visual symphony that mirrors the richness of nature.

Impact: Increased shelf appeal, enhanced brand recognition, and a distinct presence in the herbal tea market. The design resonates with consumers seeking both quality and visual allure.

Conclusion: Successfully transformed HERTEE’s herbal tea line into a visual delight, harmonizing nature’s colors and packaging versatility.