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Domin Smart House Building

Concept of logo and naming, corporate identity for private home construction company Domin.

Date: Apr. 2024

Case Study: Domin Construction – Building Smart Homes.

Challenge: Develop a concept for logo, naming, and corporate identity for a construction company specializing in modern smart homes.

Approach: Created a geometric symbol merging the letter “D” with a house, symbolizing Domin’s focus on innovative home construction. Named “Dominside” to convey the idea of homes built for comfortable living. Utilized sky blue pastels and graphite shades for a modern and serene aesthetic.

Result: A cohesive brand identity reflecting Domin’s commitment to modernity and functionality in home construction.

Impact: Increased brand recognition, enhanced market positioning, and strengthened appeal to clients seeking smart home solutions.

Conclusion: Successfully established Domin Construction as a leader in building smart, stylish homes, blending innovation and comfort seamlessly.