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Energy Drinks

Logo & can label design for Burst Energy Drinks.

Date: Dec. 2023

Case Study: Cosmic Burst Energy Drink.

Challenge: Create an electrifying brand identity for an energy drink appealing to the youth. Design a logo and can packaging that embodies unexplored cosmic energy.

Approach: Melded clean white, bold black, and energetic orange. The logo features a sketched alien, symbolizing untapped cosmic power. Sleek, modern design reflects the brand’s appeal to the young and advanced.

Result: A visually captivating logo and can packaging, radiating the allure of cosmic energy, and connecting with the target demographic.

Impact: Increased market visibility, heightened product appeal, and a distinct presence among competitors. The design resonates with the energy and curiosity of the brand’s audience.

Conclusion: Successfully launched Cosmic Burst, blending clean aesthetics with the promise of uncharted cosmic energy.