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Perfume Brand Ferica Nando

Creation of logo and packaging for the premium Perfume Brand

Date: Apr. 2023

Thrilled to unveil the logo for Ferica Nando, a masterpiece blending classic allure in black with a touch of modern luxury in platinum. Meticulously designed to encapsulate the brand’s opulence and sophistication, this emblem stands as a symbol of timeless elegance, reflecting Ferica Nando’s commitment to a refined olfactory experience. It’s an honor to contribute to the brand’s legacy of excellence.

The choice of a black and platinum color palette for the corporate identity was deliberate. Black, with its timeless elegance, represents the brand’s classic allure, while platinum adds a touch of modern luxury. This color combination not only conveys a sense of exclusivity but also reflects Ferica Nando’s commitment to delivering a refined and prestigious olfactory experience.