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YoDo Cosmetics Brand

Creation of logo, branding and packaging for the Brand of premium cosmetics with Iodine

Date: Sept. 2023

Case Study: YoDo Cosmetics – Elevating Elegance.

Challenge: Develop a typographic packaging logo and brand identity for YoDo, an iodine-based cosmetics brand, aligning with its premium essence.

Approach: Crafted a sophisticated typographic logo, blending “Yo” with “Do” to evoke the brand’s core message of empowerment. Terracotta and black hues exude luxury. Featuring a redheaded girl reinforces brand identity.

Result: A timeless and elegant brand identity that epitomizes YoDo’s premium offerings, resonating with discerning consumers.

Impact: Enhanced brand perception, increased product desirability, and strengthened market positioning in the cosmetics industry.

Conclusion: Successfully curated a typographic logo and brand identity that embodies sophistication and empowers consumers to embrace their beauty rituals with YoDo.