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SSeli Cream Extract

SSeli branding and packaging development.

Date: Mar. 2024

Case Study: SSeli Cosmetic Brand & Cream Packagin.

Challenge: Establish SSeli, a new cosmetic brand, and design cream packaging. Utilize deep green, passion green, and beige shades with natural herbal textures to mirror the cream’s natural extract composition.

Approach: Infused sophisticated local style into branding and packaging. Crafted designs with earthy tones and herbal motifs to evoke natural beauty and authenticity.

Result: Elegant branding and packaging that convey SSeli’s commitment to natural ingredients and localized sophistication, appealing to discerning consumers.

Impact: Increased brand appeal and recognition, enhanced product desirability, and strengthened market position in the cosmetics industry.

Conclusion: Successful creation of a brand and packaging design that aligns with SSeli’s ethos, emphasizing natural beauty and local elegance, garnering positive reception and consumer trust.