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Casa Cosmetics

Cosmetic brand development and design of branded packaging and corporate identity

Date: Feb. 2024

Case Study: Casa Cosmetics – Redefining Feminine Elegance in Beauty.

Challenge: Establish a brand identity and design packaging for Casa Cosmetics, embodying delicate femininity. Utilize a color palette of beige, raspberry red, and white to create a striking yet distinctive aesthetic.

Approach: Crafted a typographic logo with elegant lines, capturing the essence of Casa’s refined femininity. Developed packaging that harmonizes with the brand’s identity, featuring delicate designs that stand out on shelves while exuding sophistication.

Result: A visually captivating brand identity and packaging design that evoke a sense of delicate femininity. The combination of beige, raspberry red, and white creates a striking yet elegant aesthetic, distinguishing Casa Cosmetics in the beauty market.

Impact: Elevated brand recognition, increased appeal among consumers seeking refined and feminine beauty products, and a distinct presence in the competitive cosmetics industry. The logo and packaging design reinforce Casa’s commitment to elegance and sophistication.

Conclusion: Successfully redefined Casa Cosmetics’ brand identity and packaging design, setting a new standard for feminine elegance in the beauty industry.